Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here are some of our FAQ’s to help answer them

How does Rent to Buy work?

Rent to Buy is a modern way to own your next vehicle without the hassle of conventional vehicle finance. We require a minimum activation fee of R12 000.00 (vehicle dependent), the vehicle of your choice is rented for 54 months and at the end of the 54-month term, you will be invoiced for R100.00. Once your final invoice of R100.00 is paid, you will take full ownership of the vehicle and receive all the necessary belongings for your vehicle. (Vehicle papers, spare keys, service book, etc.)

What are the deposits on your vehicles?

Our low deposits differ from vehicle to vehicle but they are normally R12 000.00.

Can I apply if I am self-employed?

Yes, we will need two additional documents.
1. Business CK document
2. 6 months bank statements for the business.

Can I take the vehicle across the border?

We do not allow any of our vehicles to cross over the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

Can I terminate my rental contract early?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our 30-day cancellation notice, no penalties policy. Should you wish to terminate your contract early for whatsoever reason, we require a 30-day notice and you will not be charged any cancellation penalties. We not only give you freedom of movement on the road but freedom of movement in your contract.

When can I upgrade/downgrade?

You are free to upgrade and downgrade at any given time dependent on vehicle availability. We do not tell you when to upgrade or downgrade, you tell us!

Can I apply if I am Blacklisted/under debt review?

We are not focused on your past, we focus on you now. We are in the business of helping people who are blacklisted, under debt review, have low credit scores, new company start-ups or people who simply just want to maximise on the benefits Rent to Buy offers compared to conventional vehicle finance.

Can I apply with my spouse?

Yes, we do assist with joint accounts but we only allow joint accounts with spouses.

Do you impose mileage limitations?

We do not have mileage limitations on our vehicles unless agreed & signed otherwise.

What does the monthly rental include?

The monthly rental includes; comprehensive insurance, tracker, vehicle licensing & 24hr roadside assistance. Our renter also enjoys the benefit of any balance of warranties or service plans on the vehicle at no extra cost.

Can I purchase the vehicle during the rental period?

Yes, we allow you to purchase the vehicle from us at any given time for a depreciated amount. The buy-out price will be determined by how far into the contract you are.