Rent to Buy for Blacklisted

Rent to Buy for Blacklisted!

Blacklisted and can’t get vehicle finance?

Bad credit is now a general problem in South Africa. People generally face situations like high credit burdens, defaults in repayment, judgments, arrears, etc. We understand that being blacklisted makes it almost impossible to acquire vehicle finance but sometimes work requires that you have a vehicle. It becomes a vicious circle because you can’t afford a car without a job, and you can’t get the job without a car. We offer Rent to Buy Cars for blacklisted individuals because we are not focused on your past, we are focused on you now!

Rent to Buy with Future Motor Lease

Rent to Buy is the easiest way to get yourself back into the driving seat. Forget about having to jump through the countless hoops banks require for vehicle finance. We are not concerned about your past, we only focus on you now. Rent to Buy with Future Motor Lease is easy and convenient. We have one of the best Rent to Buy options in SA. Our contracts are transparent, simple and fair. We do not bind you to 54 months but allow you to exit the contract at any given time with a 30-day notice, no penalties. We give our customers the freedom of movement not only on the road but in their contracts.

No finance & No Interest

Rent to buy is not vehicle finance but an alternative rental option with the choice to buy the vehicle at the end of the rental period. We offer this rental option for all customers who want to take advantage of all the benefits we offer. We are not a financial institution nor a financial credit provider, so all of our products are finance and interest free.

Contact the Credit Bureau for any questions on debt counselling.

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