Car Leasing Services Personalised service excellence Hassle-free process Wide range of vehicles Best-quality car brands

At Future Motor Lease, our team of trustworthy advisors are ready and waiting to help you get the vehicle you need, today! We are in the business of making leasing a car quick, simple and hassle-free. Forget the red-tape and reams of paperwork that the banks make you complete, at Future Motor Lease, the process is so much simpler.


We believe in personalised service and making sure our customers get the leasing options they want.

Our service promise to you is:

Personalised service excellence

You are not just a number to us. We believe that each client should be treated as an individual and made to feel like you are our one and only client. Our team of professional and experienced advisors will be able to take you through the Rent to Buy option available to you for the car you need. We strive for service excellence too, and aim to please each customer that we meet.

Wide range of vehicles

Choose from our wide range of cars, SUVs, bakkies and much more. No matter what your personal or business need, Future Motor Lease has the vehicle for you.

Hassle-free process

No more waiting in line or reams and reams of forms to fill in, at Future Motor Lease, our motor leasing options are easy and hassle-free. Our team of trustworthy advisors are on hand to make sure of it.


Best-quality car brands

Within our range of vehicles, we offer you the choice of a host of quality car brands to choose from. From the top of the line luxury cars to more standardised runarounds, we’ve got the car brand of your dreams available.

We are not concerned about your past, we only focus on you today. At Future Motor Lease we help you to move forward into the future in order to get you back on your feet.