After reams of paperwork and all the hoops that financial institutions make you jump through, to be told you are declined is frustrating and demotivating. Being declined for vehicle finance by a financial institution can be for several reasons but it certainly isn’t a reflection on your worthiness to have transport. We at Future Motor Lease are not focused on your credit score, if you are blacklisted or your history, instead, we are focused on you now. We look at your affordability and match you with the best vehicle of your choice and with our low qualifying criteria and easy application process, we will have you behind the wheel of your new vehicle in no time!


Future Motor Lease offers a range no finance vehicles at competitive, all-inclusive* monthly rentals. What’s great about Rent to Buy is the fact that the monthly rental you will be paying does not include interest fees which would normally go straight into the bank’s pocket. Instead, the monthly rental you will be paying includes the actual use of the car, tracker, comprehensive insurance, licensing for the full rental period as well as 24hour roadside assistance. Future Motor Lease has one of the best Rent to Buy / Rent to Own deals in SA! You are not bound into a 54-month contract with us. Not happy about something? Simply give us 30 days anytime notice and terminate your contract, no penalties!* Our Rent to Buy deals are loaded with unbelievable benefits, keeping our renter’s in control and allowing them freedom in their contracts.

Forget about old-school conventional finance, Rent to Buy is less binding with a no depreciation benefit and a tax benefit for the renter with many other benefits too! Take advantage of all the benefits of Rent to Buy / Rent to Own with Future Motor Lease!

*Terms and Conditions Apply.