We’ve put together a quick and easy check list for you to ensure your vehicle gets you and your loved ones to your holiday destination safely.

  1. Check all fluid levels
    Most fluid levels are checked at regular service intervals. However, before taking to the road on a long journey, it’s worth having a mechanic check your brake fluid levels and coolant levels. If these are low, you could experience a leak, and this could lead to you being stranded on the side of the road. If you’re mechanically minded, get under the hood and check your car’s oil, water and windscreen water levels too.
  2. Tyres and treadMake sure you check your tyre pressure for a loaded vehicle when the tyres are cold. Tyres that are not inflated correctly can lead to blowouts and affect the vehicles braking capabilities. Ensure that your spare tyre is also inflated to the correct pressure and that you have your lock nut, jack and wheel spanner in the toolbox. If you feel any vibrations or veering in the steering wheel, make sure to have your wheel balance and alignment attended to before you leave
  3. Lights and indicatorsWe often just assume that the brake lights and headlights work, however it is a good idea to have someone stand outside the vehicle and check as you turn each light and indicator on and off. Get your children to help you with this task, they’ll love it. It’s a quick check to do and well worth the effort. The more visible you are to other drivers on the road the less likely you are to be involved in a collision. If your dashboard has any warning lights showing, never ignore them. Make sure you send your car in for a service to attend to the problem before you leave.
  4. Windscreen WipersWipers can perish and crack in SA’s harsh sun. Ensure that your wipers work well at keeping your windscreen clear in heavy downpours. Make sure you don’t just assume they work either, test them before you leave.
  5. Roadside assistanceIn today’s tech-age, there’s no excuse not to be connected to some kind of roadside assistance on your smartphone. Check out app’s like Namola and Waze for emergency help and also use twitter to follow handles like @N3Route which give helpful information when travelling long distances. Another option is to register with the AA who are on call 24/7 for roadside assistance.
    These vehicle checks can make all the difference in ensuring you have a relaxed and happy holiday.For more information on renting or leasing the perfect car for your family, get hold of Future Motor Lease now on 011 026 0003.