How to own a car if you are blacklisted.

Being blacklisted is a scary thought for many South Africans. With the rise in daily living costs, hiked-up interest rates and the ever-increasing petrol price, it’s quite possible that you could end up in a financial situation where you are no longer able to afford what you once could. However, being blacklisted, doesn’t mean the end of the road when purchasing a new or pre-loved vehicle.

What vehicle finance options are available if I’ve have been blacklisted?

Once you are blacklisted, it would be easier to fit a rugby ball through a keyhole than to obtain vehicle finance from a bank or any other financial institution for quite a significant period of time. Banks are very strict when it comes to blacklisted individuals, however,if you are not blacklisted but have a low credit score, banks will sometimes approve your application dependant on how low your score is. If you are granted finance, you will be charged much higher monthly instalments because of your low credit score status. This is not an ideal solution for an already tight budget.

Sub-prime or online lenders.

Other alternatives include applying for finance through sub-prime lenders or online lenders.
Although they won’t check your credit rating, going this route can be risky. More often than not, their terms and conditions could trap you into an agreement that is near impossible to get out of and might end up costing you much more money in the long run.


You could pay for your vehicle in cash. The vehicle would be owned by you outright but there is the possibility that it could hinder your future long-term cash flow choices. You also have the burden of a depreciating vehicle at your cost.

Surety co-signer.

A co-signer or someone who is willing to pay surety for you is another option. Be careful before
attempting this because it could complicate your relationship with the co-signer should you default on a payment.

Rent to buy a car.

Rent to buy is possibly the best financial decision for a blacklisted person, when looking for a new or pre-loved motor vehicle. Rent to buy means that you sign a lease with a reputable motor leasing company, who then allows you to lease the car from them for a predetermined amount of time and gives you the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the rental term.
Future Motor Lease is one of the most reliable and flexible motor leasing companies, as they offer many unique packages to fit each individual’s financial needs.

Why a rent to buy lease agreement is the best way forward once you are blacklisted.

Here are some of the great reasons why rent to buy is a great option for blacklisted individuals;

  • No background credit check required
  • No interest charges
  • No balloon payments
  • Monthly payments are more affordable than personal loan repayments for a vehicle
  • It is easier to exit or change the lease agreement should your financial situation change
  • There are no vehicle depreciation costs when renting to buy a vehicle

Future Motor Lease

If you’re blacklisted but need a new car, there really is no need to worry. Future Motor Lease offers you more options when it comes to buying a car so that you can leave your financial worries in the past.

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