What do the words test drive mean to you? Does it mean testing out the functionality and performance of a car, or does it mean seeing if the seat is comfortable and the surround sound is good? Whatever it might mean to you, there are, in fact, a few key factors that should be checked when test driving a vehicle.

At Future Motor Lease, we have been offering our rent to buy clients the ability to test drive a vehicle before they sign on the dotted line for years. So, we have put together our top tips for making the most of your test drive today.

Be Prepared

Don’t arrive unprepared for your test drive, or on a whim. Do your research on the car and know what you’re expecting; have a few questions prepared for the sales agent. This way, you’ll know what you want to cover and ask during the drive and your sales agent will be in a better position to answer all your queries in one go.

Check Before Leaving

Don’t just get into a car and speed off. Take your time to inspect the vehicle on the outside first. How does the body work look? Open the hood and check the engine. Are the water and oil levels ok? Does the engine look like it’s in good working order? Check the tread of the tyres and make sure the car looks safe and in good condition before you even get in.

Drive Safely

A test drive is not meant for you to only test the car’s top speed. Safety first, should be the motto when test driving any vehicle. Many sales agents suggest that you drive the car the way you would if you owned it, so make sure you drive through some suburb areas to feel how it responds at lower speeds, with lots of stopping and starting and over speed bumps. You should also plan a route that takes you out onto the open road or a highway to get a feel for the car at speed. Be sure to test out the brakes, the gears, the clutch and the steering of the car too. You want to get a feel for as many aspects of the car as possible during a test drive.

Take Your Time

Don’t feel like you have to rush through a test drive, even if the sales agent seems to be in a hurry. Take your time inspecting the car, be as intricate as you need to be. Take your time during the drive part of the test too, make sure you feel satisfied that you have tested every aspect of the car and understood how everything works. Don’t feel pressured to hurry up and sign on the dotted line either. Go home and think about what you have experienced and take a few days to let all the information you have learnt on the test drive sink in.

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