The concept of rent to buy vehicles is an easy enough one to understand but many people are not sure on the detail about how the process works.

How does rent to buy work?

Unlike buying a car through a bank, rent to buy contracts do not rely on long, tedious financial approval processes to get started. When you sign a rent to buy contract with Future Motor Lease, there are only a few boxes to tick in order to get approved. We have helped both blacklisted customers and those with great credit scores to get the rent to buy contract they need. The process really could not be simpler:

Step 1 – Apply Online

Complete our online application process on the rent to buy car you need. You could be pre-approved within 24 hours. You will need to submit a few supporting documents with your application.

Step 2 – Choose the Car you Want.

Whether you need a family SUV or a workhorse bakkie, we have a range of pre-owned vehicles to choose from.

Step 3 – Pay your Activation Fee and First Month’s Rent

To secure the confirmation of the rent to buy contract, you will be required to pay an activation fee for the car as well as the first month’s rent upfront.

Step 4 – Get in and Drive.

Once the contract is signed and all the fees have been paid, you will be able to hit the road smiling in your new car.

To apply with Future Motor Lease today and take the first step in your rent to own journey, click here.

What kind of car can I rent to buy?

No matter what your needs are when it comes to a vehicle or vehicles, at Future Motor Lease, we have a car for you. Some clients require a small, run around car to get from work and back each day, while others require a tough, bakkie to help them run their business. We offer a range of cars and vehicle types from the simple to the luxurious on a rent to buy basis.

For more information on rent to buy contracts, chat to the experts at Future Motor Lease now or call us on 011 026 0003.