Future Motor Lease can offer you a transport solution even when you are under debt review

Covid19 has charged in and threatened every aspect of our lives. Not only are we fearful for our own health and the health of loved ones, but the ripple effect of Covid19 and South Africa’s lockdown has had a horrible effect on our economy. Many people have lost their jobs over the last five months and due to this, people have been unable to budget or plan for the devastating impact Covid19 would have.

Many South African’s are under debt review and that makes it really tricky to obtain motor vehicle finance. Social distancing in public transport is near impossible and so it is important to have a trustworthy and Covid-safe vehicle to get you from point A to point B. Future Motor Lease have options other than motor vehicle finance to help you drive a car even when you are under debt review.

What vehicle finance options are available if you are under debt review?

Once you are under debt review it is almost impossible to obtain vehicle finance from a bank or any other Financial Institution. Even if, by some small chance, you are granted finance, you will be charged much higher monthly instalments. This is not an ideal solution for your already tight budget.

You could pay for your vehicle in cash. The vehicle would be owned by you outright but there is the possibility that it could hinder your future long-term cash flow choices.

Rent to buy or leasing is possibly the best financial decision when looking for a new or pre-loved motor vehicle. Rent to buy means that you sign a lease with a reputable motor leasing company which allows you to lease the car from them for a predetermined amount of time.

What is rent to buy?

Rent to buy means that you sign a lease with a motor leasing company, that allows you to lease the car from them for a predetermined amount of time and at the end of the lease you can either return the car to them and lease another car, or you have the option to buy that same car at the end of your lease.

Pros and cons of a rent to buy lease agreement


  • No background credit check required which is helpful when you are under debt review
  • No interest charges which means there is a tax benefit
  • Monthly payments usually include insurance, tracker and  24 hour road side assistance.
  • At the end of the lease agreement you have an option to purchase the vehicle at a low cost.


  • Rent to buy lease agreements must be read carefully, especially with regards to the termination of said lease agreement
  • May not be worth your while if there is a mileage limit. Some agreements are very strict about the amount of mileage you are allowed to drive, and there are very stringent penalties for going over the mileage restriction limit

Just because Covid19 wreaked havoc on your financial situation, it does not mean that you have to be without a car. Being under debt review is stressful enough, so let Future Motor Lease help you by taking the stress out of driving the car of your dreams.