When it comes to getting your hands on a vehicle – whether it be needed for work or for pleasure – a lot more people are opting to go the Rent to Buy route instead of the old-fashioned leasing from a bank. Why are we seeing this upward trend in Rent to Buy customers though?

The specialists at  Future Motor Lease, take a look at the top six reasons why most of their customers choose their professional services over any other vehicle option.

Why rent to buy is so popular

So, what are the top factors involved in helping people to decide whether rent to buy is right for them?

More Flexibility

Rent to Buy contracts and the process itself is a lot more flexible than the standard leasing agreements through the banks. Rent to Buy specialists don’t require customers to jump through as much red tape and administrative hoops as banks do.

Better Cancellation Terms

When you finance a car through the bank and sign a contract with them, it’s nearly impossible to cancel a contract before the full term of the deal is up. With Rent to Buy contracts, cancellation is much easier and there are much more flexible terms when it comes to cancellation procedures.

Fewer Checks

There are less checks and balances that go into the application process of a Rent to Buy contract. Rent to Buy specialists, like  Future Motor Lease, will never not approve you for those old unpaid accounts.

Easy Upgrades and Downgrades

Upgrading your Rent to Buy contract, or downgrading it for that matter, is an easy process and can be done at any time during the contract life unlike your options – that are zero to none – when entering into a finance agreement or other leasing contract.

Shorter Repayment Periods

With Rent to Buy contracts, there are shorter repayment periods than those that occur with your finance agreements with the banks. We don’t believe in making people pay for years and years in order to own their own car.

Completed License Disk Renewal

When you sign up for a Rent to Buy contract with a specialist company, like  Future Motor Lease, you have the pleasure of never having to set foot in a licensing department during your contract. We renew the license disks for all our clients on their behalf.

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