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Is Rent to Buy a Scam?

The misconception out there for many willing customers is that rent to buy vehicle companies are scamsters. We acknowledge that there are many “sharks” out there, circling the waters, offering invalid or illegal services when it comes to rent to buy vehicle options, however at Future Motor Lease, we can […]

A Brief History of Rent to Buy

Rent to buy is very much a concept that is a part of our lives, it almost seems as if it has been around forever. However, rent to buy contracts or rental purchase contracts, have been around since the 1930’s only really gaining traction around the world in the 1950’s. […]

How to Make the Most of Your Test Drive

What do the words test drive mean to you? Does it mean testing out the functionality and performance of a car, or does it mean seeing if the seat is comfortable and the surround sound is good? Whatever it might mean to you, there are, in fact, a few key […]

Top 5 Rent to Buy Questions, Answered

We have been in the rent to buy vehicle business for a long time. Over the years, we have noticed that many people ask and are worried about the same things. As one of the most trusted companies in the business, we have put together a list of the most […]

Blacklisted Rent To Buy

Blacklisted and Need A Car?

How to own a car if you are blacklisted. Being blacklisted is a scary thought for many South Africans. With the rise in daily living costs, hiked-up interest rates and the ever-increasing petrol price, it’s quite possible that you could end up in a financial situation where you are no […]