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Rent to Buy Vehicles – How the Process Works?

The concept of rent to buy vehicles is an easy enough one to understand but many people are not sure on the detail about how the process works. How does rent to buy work? Unlike buying a car through a […]

A Brief History of Rent to Buy

Rent to buy is very much a concept that is a part of our lives, it almost seems as if it has been around forever. However, rent to buy contracts or rental purchase contracts, have been around since the 1930’s […]

How to Make the Most of Your Test Drive

What do the words test drive mean to you? Does it mean testing out the functionality and performance of a car, or does it mean seeing if the seat is comfortable and the surround sound is good? Whatever it might […]

All You Need to Know About Black Friday

The words Black and Friday never used to be associated with each other here in South Africa until only a few years ago. Now, the two words together are synonymous with massive savings from retailers, both online and in store, […]

Top 5 Rent to Buy Questions, Answered

We have been in the rent to buy vehicle business for a long time. Over the years, we have noticed that many people ask and are worried about the same things. As one of the most trusted companies in the […]

Top 5 ‘Tourist’ things to do in Johannesburg

With the hard lockdown over and travel restrictions easing up, more and more tourists will be planning trips to sunny South Africa. Johannesburg is a city steeped in history but it’s all too often simply a fly in, fly out […]

Six tips to avoid rent to buy scams

How to Avoid Rent to Buy Scams Sadly, scams are a dime a dozen. In an industry like rent to buy cars as well as rental cars in general, scams are a reality and as the consumer you have to […]

International travel requirements for Lockdown Level One

Lockdown Level One – everything you need to know about international travel requirements Lockdown Level One may mean to you that you are able to visit your friends or family overseas or that finally you are able to welcome international […]

best budget getaway

Best budget getaways to consider in Level 1 lockdown

Level 1 means it is time to travel. Here are the best budget getaways to consider. Hard lockdown during the dreary winter months was tough on us all. The easing of lockdown onto Level 2, and now from 20th September […]